Internet Explorer 11 Free Download

Internet Explorer 11 Free Download

Internet Explorer 11 free download is a series of web browsers developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. While rivals such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are highly competitive, Explorer is still the most popular web browser today. Since 1995, it has been packaged to save some striking exceptions – all versions of Windows.You may also like Mozilla Firefox Free Download.

Like most web browsers, Internet Explorer allows users to access websites, save bookmarks for later browsing, and cache frequently visited sites to speed up loading time. Later versions included tabbed browsing and built-in search features that became popular through competing browsers.

internet explorer 11 free download

Internet Explorer 11 Overview

Over the past few years, Internet Explorer’s share of use has steadily declined. The lack of speed, security vulnerabilities, and non-compliance with the site’s presentation standards for browsers creates opportunities for rivals such as Mozilla and Google. The software compatibility with Windows is also cited as evidence of Microsoft’s monopoly tendencies.

However, Internet Explorer is still using the most extensive web browser – if only from the default state on most new PCs. According to Wikipedia, more than 51% of users use a version of Internet Explorer to browse the web.

internet-explorer-11 free download


Internet Explorer is the world’s most popular web browser. Microsoft, Internet Explorer’s primary task is security, ease of use and RSS, CSS and Ajax support improvements. This version of IE runs on 32-bit versions of Windows 7. 
The latest version of the browser includes:

• Accelerator – allows you to invoke supported Web applications without ambiguous navigation.
• WebSlices – allows you to subscribe and monitor the portion of the page from the redesigned Favorites bar.
• Private privacy features.
• SmartScreen phishing filter.

internet explorer 11 free download

Internet Explorer 11 Features

Real world website speed increased by 30%
Major JavaScript performance
Fast, world-class web application
Faster development with 25 new and improved modern Web standards
Web developers how to better example
Use the new F12 development tool to quickly debug
Hardware accelerated 3D Web graphics
The existing web continues to run – better
Enable professional-grade video experiences on the web

NOTE: All Software on are in .rar format,You can download WINRAR to extract.

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